Advantages of E-Bikes for Urban Living

The light electric vehicle (LEV) movement comes with many advantages, despite the location where you live. As any commuter who transitions their daily-driver from a sedan to an electric bicycle can attest, the benefits that riding an LEV has on their happiness, wellbeing, and bank account are remarkable.

An e-bike will eradicate many of the worst parts of living in the city. It’ll give you a newfound sense of freedom and allow you to move at your own pace and make your own schedule.

That’s not to say that driving an e-bike in the suburbs or even the country isn’t enjoyable. One can imagine all the fun that they would have had zipping around the neighborhood as a teenager with their new e-bike or electric skateboard.

E-bikes and other LEVs, while convenient for various reasons, and fun for all, are noticeably stress alleviating for those who live in dense urban environments.

Think about it. Navigating the dense urban sprawl can be a pain in the neck. Wouldn’t it be easier if instead of trying to squeeze through turning lanes and double-parked streets you could just shoot through with ease of mobility? That’s only part of what an E-bike and other LEVs can offer you! 

E-Bikes and City Living: Major Advantages 

Ditch the Traffic

Sitting in traffic might be one of the worst experiences on Earth… or at least it seems that way at the time. Whether you are on your way home after a long day’s work or sitting in a standstill as the impending day awaits, traffic is both bad for your mood and your health.

It’s difficult not to succumb to road rage after sitting in traffic on the same road day after day, year after year. Road rage is dangerous for many reasons. It not only leads to abnormal levels of stress and high blood pressure, but it can also lead to irrational behavior behind the wheel. Often, avoiding the trigger of stress or rage is a great way of avoiding the negative effect.

Buying an electric bike is a great transportation alternative that allows you to escape the horrors of the bumper-to-bumper nightmare. 

By opening up the alleys and the avenues you will never be stuck in the sea of emissions with your dial turned to the AM news waiting patiently for some word… any word… as to what’s causing the mess that your stuck in!


The only thing worse than sitting in traffic is when you finally get home and realize that you have nowhere to park! If you live in a city, especially on the east coast, then you know this plight well. Parking can be the ruination of one’s happiness.

Driving around for twenty minutes every time you return home gets old quick, as does never wanting to leave home for fear of losing your spot. 

A foldable electric bicycle frees you from this burden, allowing you to pull right up to your front door, fold up your e-bike and stroll inside.

E-Bikes are Great for Personal Health

Bicycling in general is great for your health, and e-bikes get people outside and pedaling who otherwise would not have done so due to extreme hills or other challenges that motor-assistance alleviates.

By turning your commute into your exercise using the pedal assist modality, you can save both time and money at the gym. Who’s got time to work out after work?

Also, the exercise that your e-bike provides will do more than just benefit your physical health, it will help with your mental health as well!

So get those endorphins pumping and start pedaling!

Easy to Transport

One of the key benefits to LEVs is how easy they are to transport! Electric skateboards and hoverboards are obviously easy to transfer, but what most people don’t realize is that so are electric bicycles!

Most electric bicycles fold up into easy to carry shapes! And the electric bicycles sold at Genesis are no exception!

So not only will you not have to worry about spending money on a lock, or having your bike stolen outside, but you can also easily fold up your bike and hop on the bus in case of rain or other inclement weather. It’s the perfect convenience!


Electric bicycles and other LEVs are great for the environment! As the implementation and growth of LEV popularity shows, they are an awesome alternative to the fume spewing gas-guzzlers of yore. So why add to the problem when you can be part of the movement striving for a better tomorrow?

Genesis E-bikes are zero emissions and use biodegradable lithium ion batteries. Join the LEV movement today!

Save Money

Electric bicycles can help you save money in many ways. First and foremost is the money that you will save on the fuel costs. By ditching the pump and opting for the outlet you will save a small fortune each year on gasoline.

Also, if you live in the city, then you likely pay monthly parking fees to park your car that can add up into the thousands per year. Subtract also the inevitable tickets that ensue and you arrive at quite a lot of savings. 

Not to mention the money you save on gym costs, as previously mentioned, from turning your commute into your daily cardio.

Lastly, you’ll save boatloads on maintenance costs compared to a car, which the average American spends 9,000!

So get out there on your new electric bicycle and start taking advantage!




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