Adventures with Pikachu!

Wow, what a day! Isn't Spring glorious? The weather has been amazing in NYC the past few days, so I thought "what better way to get rid of the Mondays than to ditch the office and go for a bike ride?!"

So I did just that.

I stopped by the office to pick up our fully charged yellow Commuter bike (who I've aptly named Pikachu) and go on an adventure. I've lived in New York for five years now, but there are still a ton of places I haven't seen nor been aware of. I grabbed Pikachu, my camera and backpack and headed out the building.

Our office is right by Herald Square which was PACKED with people heading to work at 9AM. I was dodging New Yorkers and tourists alike, a bit slow going through Times Square until I got to Central Park. I'd never biked Central Park nor been through about 90% of it before; naturally, this was a good place to start!

I followed a couple other bikers, not really having any idea where the road would specifically take me; but it was beautiful. Trees with pink and white blossoms lined the road. Families, freelancers, tourists, and every type of person was out with the same idea as me. I even biked past an ancient Egyptian obelisk, smack dab in the center of NYC. I was easily able to whiz past the other bikers going uphill with the full electric mode on, and fly down the super winding road to the north end of the park. I stopped at a pretty pond to hang out with some mallards and chill in the sunshine, and figure out my next move.

I knew I wanted to head to Yonkers, but I also wanted to ride along the Hudson. I had a look at Google Maps, and remembered hearing about some cool skate park right next to the river. I had to carry Pikachu down a few flights of stairs to get to the skate park on the embankment. Luckily the bike is super light! Unfortunately the skate park was locked with padlocks and park rangers were cruising, making sure no one would break in. Bummer! Oh well, off to Yonkers.

I carried the bike back up the stairs and got on whatever street looked like it was going north. I have a BMX that I bike around, but I never feel comfortable going on main streets or highways because people in New York drive like bats outta hell. The Commuter, because it goes pretty fast and accelerates without lag [think throttle akin to a motorcycle] I felt way more comfortable and safe. I kept on biking north, not really knowing where I'd end up, but enjoying the sun on my face and wind in my hair.

I've definitely never been past the Bronx. There is something exciting about going some place completely new with no real agenda or plan, even if it's just 10 miles outside your city. If I could explore or go on mini adventures every day I would. I came across a beautiful park that I'd heard of before but never really knew where it was, Van Cortlandt Park. New York really is beautiful; it has some of the best parks I've ever been to. For a "concrete jungle" it sure has a significant amount of green space.

I cut across Van Cortlandt and rode through some mud and puddles to a dirt path that covered what I'm guessing is old train tracks. I love how I can take our bikes from paved road to muddy dirt paths with no issues. I go out assuming that I'll probably break the bike and have some explaining to do, but am always pleasantly surprised about their performance. I mean, I really beat the crap out of them and push them to the limits.

The path I discovered was actually really cool and I'm stoked that I just happened upon it. It connected the next few parks all the way to Yonkers city center without dumping me on the highway. I came across more ponds, a beautiful river, geese, swans and ducks, the ruins of an old gazebo and even a water park. Both my phone and bike battery started to go right about the time I reached Yonkers. I don't know if you've looked at the map, but Yonkers isn't exactly close to Herald Square. Haha.

I biked to a Dunkin Donuts for an iced tea, a phone charge and a Google session to figure out where the hell the train station was located. I left the office around 9 AM and it was about 2PM at this point. I pedaled over through one last little park and took the 2.45 train from Tuckahoe Station to Grand Central.

What a day! I've got a bit of sunburn but it was totally worth it. I'm super stoked I got to not only enjoy the awesome weather, but have my Genesis take me seamlessly on a mini adventure to new places I might not have gotten to otherwise. Thanks, Pikachu!

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Did you use the throttle or pedal-assist? and how much charge did you have left after the end of the day?

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