15 Best Skateparks in Northeast USA

Aside from Southern California – the birthplace of skating culture – and perhaps Oregon, the Northeast corridor of the United States is the richest part of the country in terms of available skateparks for extreme athletes.

Philadelphia, New York City, New Jersey, Boston, Baltimore, and DC are all a hotbed of extreme sports activity. Each location has enough skateparks to fill an entire list on its own, and these are just the “official” skateparks. There is also thousands of infamous “skate spots,” such as Philly’s Love Park that have a large historical significance in skateboarding history.

As light electric vehicles, such as electric skateboards, e-bikes, and scooters continue to grow in popularity, the need for skateparks and public spaces for athletes to practice their sport in a safe manner that does not interfere with pedestrians is more important than ever.

Join us on a tour through our 15 favorite Northeast USA skateparks and find your new dream spot to try out that gnarly trick you’ve been practicing!

Northeast Skateparks


Location: Philadelphia

FDR Park is South Philadelphia’s premier skatepark. With legendary features like the “dome” and the “bunker” this park has earned it’s spot as Philly’s most highly regarded place to shred. 

Located underneath I-95 and filled with graffiti, this concrete jungle is the ultimate playground for any extreme sports enthusiast.

The best part is that the park is free – like most of the skateparks in Philly!


Location: Philadelphia

Located in the East Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, north of Fishtown, POPS Skatepark was built on the previously abandoned POPS playground. 

This park is a great place for skaters of all levels with plenty of low-key flatland spots to skate. Skateboarding instruction classes are also offered at the park. 

And if that’s not enough to entice you, this park is free as well!

Patrick Kerr Memorial (Rosyln) Skatepark

Location: Philadelphia

The Rosyln Skatepark, renamed Patrick Kerr Memorial, is one of the largest skateparks in Philadelphia. 

According to Franklin’s Paine, “The final design is a breathtaking combination of street and transition elements created with a generous DIY spirit and unquestionable professional skill.  The park opened in July of 2009 and continues to attract locals and visitors alike.” 

The length and style of the park make for ideal street style runs. This is a perfect place to zoom around on your electric skateboard, carving the concrete and gaining some high speed! 

Millennium Skatepark in Owl’s Head 

Location: New York City

Millennium Skatepark is one of the few parks in NYC with a bowl, and it’s a six-foot bowl at that! 

The park also features an array of rails, ramps, and other street course obstacles for skater’s and BMX riders alike.

Home to numerous contests and a vibrant skating culture, this park is a great place to hang out for the day and have a great time! 

Pier 62 

Location: New York City

Located on the Hudson River, this visually stunning park consists of a massive series of bowls, ramps, rails, and street courses. Completely made of concrete this park is built to last.

Known around the world, Pier 62 draws the best skaters from all across America to show off their best tricks, gather footage for films, and partake in contests.

If you’re going to visit one skatepark in New York, Pier 62 is that park! 

River Avenue 

Location: New York City

River Avenue Skatepark in the Bronx is a smaller-size concrete street style park known for its culture of serious skaters and BMX riders.

Opened in 2010, the park is completely free and available to all riders. The smaller sized ramps and miniature domes make for ideal electric skateboarding conditions. This is a great park to zip around in and achieve some serious speed! 


Location: New York City

This Staten Island skatepark is 8000 square feet of indoor awesomeness. This park is optimized for BMX riders who like to get big air and bust crazy tricks.

As NYC’s only indoor skatepark, 5050 is a must-stop for any serious biker or skater living in the New York area.

It’s $20 for an all day pass and all riders must wear a helmet.

Flushing Meadows (Maloof) 

Location: New York City

Located in Queens, this free all-concrete park is a street-style course designed for skaters of all levels. With a variety of stair sets, ledges, rails, ramps, and benches to skate, you’ll be hard up to find a bored rider at this park.

The park was originally built for the Maloof Money Cup Contest – the largest skating contest at the time – it has remained a free park ever since.

Colonia Skatepark

Location: New Jersey

New Jersey’s Colonia Skatepark is an epic street course for skateboarders, bladers, and BMX riders. The park is great for beginner and intermediate skaters. Their large selection of low-set rails, ledges, and small stair sets make it the perfect spot to practice some new moves and push yourself to new levels.

The park is free and well maintained.


Location: New Jersey

Located in the heart of Newark, NJ, Shorty’s is the FDR park of New Jersey. The park looks like a level straight out of Tony’s Hawk Pro Skater. It is covered with graffiti and has a rundown urban wasteland vibe that makes it as much fun to hang out in, as it is to skate.

With tons of quarter pipes built into the walls, this park is great place to practice wall rides and gap tricks. 

Skateplex at 7 Presidents Park

Location: New Jersey

If you like amoeba shaped bowls and one-of-a-kind custom quarter pipes then 7 President’s Park is the place for you. 

This 15,000 ft. street course is free and open to the public seven days a week. Make sure to get there early because this place is popular and gets crowded quick! 

Lynch Family Skatepark

Location: Boston

The Lynch Family Skatepark was funded and built as part of the Charles River Conservancy in Boston, MA.

The outdoor park is free for all and built completely from concrete. The park consists of bowls, domes, rails, ledges, steps and more!

The park has been featured in several skate tapes since it opened and has become the definitive skatepark in the Boston area.

Charm City Skatepark 

Location: Baltimore

Baltimore’s Charm City Skatepark is an indoor park that has it all! It sports a series of stair sets, handrails, vert ramps, and it’s very own foam pit! The foam pit allows skaters and bikers to practice those insanely difficult tricks without the worry of serious injury.

It’s thanks to places like Charm City Skatepark that skaters first gain the confidence to risk it all and try out those big tricks in the safety of the foam pit.

Shaw Skatepark

Location: Washington D.C.

Shaw Skatepark is a street riders dream. It’s full of epic inclines to practice flip tricks and low-set rails to perfect new grinds.

If you’re an intermediate skater living in DC who’s looking for a concrete playground to practice some new maneuvers, ride around and just have fun, then make sure to cruise by Shaw.

RFK Maloof Skateboard Plaza 

Location: Washington D.C.

RRK Maloof, while smaller and less built up than the other parks on this list, is included here because of its reputation as a place where skaters start out. Skateparks can be intimidating and it’s necessary for beginners to have a safe place to develop and grow too. 

RFK Maloof is a low intensity street course, free to all, that boasts a comfortable atmosphere for young skaters to try out new moves and evolve.



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