10 Coolest Skateboard Videos on the Internet

Extreme sports and film go hand in hand. There’s nothing like watching a stunt that’s never been done. For as long as extreme sports have existed in popular culture, people have filmed them, and skateboarding is no exception.

Even before the Z-boys shredded the streets of Dogtown, people captured the triumphs of skaters on film. Film has long served the purpose of pushing the boundaries in skateboarding. It alerts the world of what’s been and what’s yet to be accomplished. It is both a news source and record book.  

As more and more videos of skaters performing tricks on electric skateboards continue to gain popularity, we thought we’d take a look at some of the coolest pre-electric skateboard videos that laid the groundwork for the electric skateboarding movement of today. 

For your entertainment and pleasure, we’ve assembled 10 of our favorite skateboarding videos from the Internet. Enjoy!

10 Best Skateboarding Videos on the Internet

Christian Hosoi – Inventor of Christ Air

Anyone who grew up playing Tony’s Hawk Pro Skater on Nintendo surely remembers this special trick – The Christ Air. It is a classic skateboarding trick that still creates a sense of awe in all who witness its completion. The inventor of the trick, Christian Hosoi, is a legendary vert ramp skateboarder who pushed the boundaries of ramp skating throughout his entire career.  


Danny Way Jumps The Great Wall

Skateboarding’s very own Evel Knievel, Danny Way, has made a career out of going further than his contemporaries dared to tread. Check out this legendary clip of him jumping the Great Wall of China!

Tony Hawk’s 900

Tony Hawk is the Wayne Gretzky of skateboarding. He’s a legend. While he may not be the greatest “street” skater, he’s arguably the greatest ramp skater of all-time. The video below – of Tony Hawk’s first 900 in the X-games – is a classic moment in skateboarding history. 

Tony Hawk brought skateboarding into the mainstream and made every kid growing up in the 90’s a fan of the sport with his video game series, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.


Rodney Mullen – Best of Clips 

Rodney Mullen is the Godfather of skateboarding. Not only did he invent some of the most fundamental tricks in the sport, such as the Ollie, Kickflip, Heelflip, Tre-flip, and Impossible, but he also dominated a style of street skateboarding, called “flatland,” for his entire career. He is one of the most entertaining skateboarders to watch.


Rob Dyrdek Kickflips a Chevy      

Okay, okay, so this isn’t actually a skateboard video. But, Dyrdek is a pro-skater and a kickflip is a skateboard trick. And this video is so awesome we had to include it. He totally James Bond’s that ramp! 


Greatest Skateboarding Tricks Ever 1! 

This is one of our favorite compilation videos on the web. It features a series of legendary tricks, mostly from skate tapes made throughout the 90’s and early 00’s. Every one of these clips is more extreme than the next!

9 Year Old Lands 540

Sabre Norris, a 9-year old Aussie girl, goes big in this video, crushing a 540 on a vert ramp in what appears to be her backyard. This video is absolutely insane! Norris is also a professional surfer. I’m sure we’ve only yet to see what this little girl has to offer the world of extreme sports.


Chris Cole – History of Never Been Done (NBD) Tricks         

Back in the day, when Philly’s Love Park was commandeered by skaters, Chris Cole made a name for himself as an up and comer willing to go where no skater had gone before. Throughout his career, he performed many “Never-Been-Done” tricks – so much so that “Never-Been-Done” became nearly synonymous with his name. Plus, he had a pretty crazy sense of style, which made him infamous at the time. 


People are Awesome (Skateboarding Edition)

People are Awesome is a super (cough cough) awesome YouTube channel that shares videos of humans accomplishing extreme feats. Their videos feature everything from trick pool shots, to hoola hoopers, to bungee jumpers. Our favorite video of course is their one on skateboarding!


Tony Hawk – Downward Spiral Loop

Another Tony Hawk video? You bet! And this one is even crazier than The 900 video! Hawk has made a career out of firsts, whether it is The 900, The Loop, or The Downward Spiral Loop. What’s a Downward Spiral Loop you ask? Well, you’ll just have to watch below and find out. But trust us, it’ll blow your mind!



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