E-Bike Comparison: Genesis vs Citizen

Electric bicycles are growing in popularity all over the world. Traffic congestion and pollution are growing along with the world populations. In addition, gas costs, parking fees and car maintenance prices are also on the rise.

Many people are looking for ways to save money while also helping to do their share in healing the planet. Choosing to commute to work or class with an electric bike is an excellent way to find freedom from car dependency. Doing so can help commuters save thousands of dollars while also significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

So, maybe you’ve decided to go ahead and make the switch yourself. Unfortunately, many would-be e-bike enthusiasts get lost in the confusion of the products available from competing companies.

To help you decide which new electric bike is the best possible investment for your unique needs, we’ve compared the electric bikes offered at Genesis – Commuter and Transformer –against the Frisco from Citizen.

Ride Genesis

Commuter Electric Bike

The Commuter by Genesis is a sleek and stylish electric bicycle that’s ideal for city dwellers that are looking for the perfect way to get around. Whether you’re headed down the street or across town, with a range of up to 38 miles, it’s sure to get you where you want to go.

If you have plans to travel longer distances, the folding frame and lightweight design makes it easy to take on the bus, train or subway without getting in the way. When you are ready to hit the pavement, you’ll get there fast. The Commuter flies down the road at an impressive 20 miles an hour. You can say goodbye to traffic and hello to freedom. It’s also extremely affordable when compared to other bikes of similar quality, construction and features.

Max Speed: 20 miles per hour

Product Weight: 30.5 pounds

Max Distance: 20 to 38 miles (depending on amount of pedal assist use)

Battery: Samsung or LG Li-Ion Cells, 36V, 6.6Al

Motor: Brushless DC Motor with Hall Sensor

Charge Time: 3 to 4 hours

Price: $799

Transformer Electric Bike

The Genesis Transformer electric bike will transform the way you think about transportation. It’s modern, sporty design is unlike any other available on the market.

While many e-bikes look like carbon copies of one another, you’ll stand out from the crowd while riding a bike that’s futuristic and fun. The most incredible part about the Transformer is the way the waterproof wheels fold into the frame for a seamless folding bike that’s easy to store away in a bag or cubicle.

At only 21.6 pounds, the Transformer is one of the most lightweight electric vehicles in the world but it’s still capable of carrying up to 220 pounds of weight. The innovative design allows it to be extremely durable yet takes up less than two feet when folded down. It also has an extremely fast charge time of only 2 hours.

When you’re ready to get back on the road, it can go back to full size in only a few seconds. This electric bicycle is great for the modern-day adventurer, and the price is unbeatable.

Max Speed: 20 miles per hour

Product Weight: 21.6 pounds

Max Distance: 15 miles

Motor: Brushless Hub Motor

Charge Time: 2 hours

Price: $499 



The Frisco is the first electric bike available from Citizen bikes. Known for their folding manually powered bicycles, they have recently joined the electric movement and added the Frisco to their lineup.

It can go 15.5 to 20 miles an hour, has a range of 30 miles or more and can charge in 4 hours. The biggest drawback is its weight. At 43 pounds, it may not be easy to carry around for a longer length of time.

Max Speed: 15.5 to 20 miles per hour

Product Weight: 43 pounds

Max Distance: 30+ miles depending on assist level

Battery: Samsung 36 V 8.8 AH

Motor: high speed rear motor

Charge Time: 4 hours

Price: $1,099

The Results

The Frisco electric bike from Citizen has a lot of great features. It has well-built design and durable build. The Commuter and Transformer by Genesis boasts similar features for a much more affordable price. Though all three of the bicycles can fold for easy storage, the heavy weight of the Frisco could be a burden for commuters who may have to carry their bike more often.

Because of the incredible price and the ease of everyday use, it seems that the Genesis electric bikes are better for those who are looking for the



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