Making the Choice: E-bike vs Electric Scooter

Millions of commuters around the world are making the switch from fuel dependent cars to lightweight electric vehicles, thanks to recent advancements and a wider availability of innovative technology.

While manual bicycles and scooters have always been an alternative to traditional motor vehicles, using them as a primary source of transportation wasn’t always easy. Today’s electric vehicles, like those created by Genesis, are lightweight, compact, foldable, fast and energy efficient.

While the traffic is piling up, you’ll be zooming through the city streets going up to 20 miles an hour without feeling exhausted when you arrive at your destination. The problem that many people face once they’ve decided to invest in an electric vehicle, is determining exactly what kind they want. The most commonly used LEVs are e-bikes or electric scooters and there’s a lot to consider when deciding which one is best for your lifestyle.

A Look at the Similarities

Before we talk about the differences of each vehicle, we should look at the benefits of both. Whether you decide to get an e-bike or scooter, you’ll be making a great choice. Choosing a lightweight electric vehicle means you are making a better choice for your wallet and the environment. Using an electric bicycle or scooter means you won’t have to rely on cars or fossil fuels to run your everyday errands. You won’t have to worry about parking fees, and when you buy from Genesis, you can fold your vehicle up and conveniently carry it along with you.

The Genesis electric bicycles and scooters all have fast speeds of up to 20 mph and fantastic range. All models charge quickly and offer amazing features at affordable prices. Whether you’re going to the lecture hall, the office or are meeting friends for lunch, you’ll arrive in style and comfort.

Electric Bikes

Electric bicycles came on the scene early in the electric vehicle movement and have been widely embraced. Most major cities in the US have jumped on board and begun to create bike lanes and laws that help protect cyclists.

Many people choose bikes because they are already familiar with riding one, and are automatically comfortable with the idea. Being able to switch back and forth from manual to pedal assist is also an easy concept for most riders to adjust to quickly. Here are a few more reasons why an electric bike might be a great choice for you.

Good Form of Exercise

One of the benefits of riding an electric bike over a traditional one is the ability to ride fast without breaking a sweat. However, if you want to get some cardio in your daily commute, it’s easy to switch to the manual function. Doing so can help you save valuable battery power and help burn a few hundred extra calories.

It Has a Seat

Although both scooters and bikes require a level of physical endurance, some might not want to stand the entire time. Having a seat could make longer commutes more comfortable and enjoyable.           

People are Used to Accommodating Bikes

Bicycles have been ubiquitous in cities around the world for over a century. While many might not be used to having e-bikes whizzing by at 20 miles per hour, they may be more accommodating because someone riding a bicycle isn’t out of the norm. In contrast, riding a scooter in the bike lane or on the sidewalk can be confusing for some who are not accustomed to seeing it. There could be more harassment by bystanders who don’t understand the laws and ordinances of your city.

Handle Well on Streets and Rough Terrain

Quality electric bicycles like the Commuter are designed to be driven on the street and are often created with tires that can withstand a higher amount of roughness. Many electric scooter wheels are not equipped to handle difficult street conditions. It should be noted however that Genesis’ Intrepid scooter has very durable, shock absorbing wheels that create a smooth ride.

Electric Scooters

While the design may bring back nostalgic memories of your childhood, today’s electric scooters pack a powerful punch. The Intrepid by Genesis can go 20 miles per hour and has a motor maximum power of 350W. People around the world are catching on to the wonderful advantages of owning their own electric scooter.

Easy to Get on and Off

Riding a scooter means having your feet much closer to the ground. Casually hopping on and off your scooter is very easy and dismounting in a dangerous situation is much faster than on a bicycle.

You Can Take the Sidewalk

Scooters are pedestrian friendly. In most cities, you can use your scooter in the bike lane if you want, but the sidewalk is also an option. It’s very easy to weave your way in and out of a crowd on a scooter and may be less intimidating to people walking by in a busy location.

Easy to Take in the Sights

Traffic laws in many American cities prohibit the use of electric bicycles on walkways. However, standing scooters are not normally included in this category. This means that you can be right next to the action and have an easier time whipping in and out of shops, cafes and other locations.

Which One Will You Choose?

No matter what option you ultimately decide to go with, you can rest assured that when you buy an electric scooter or bicycle from Genesis you will be getting a quality, professionally made product that will last.

Choosing one over the other truly is a personal choice and will depend on many factors. Thankfully, the bikes and scooters created by Genesis are a fraction of the cost of most competitors, which makes it affordable to go ahead and invest in both. Take your Commuter electric bicycle when you’ve got a meeting across town, and the Intrepid scooter to this weekend’s art festival. Regardless of whether you’re riding on a bike or a scooter, you’ll know that you’re saving time and money while contributing to a healthier planet.




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