Electric Scooter Showdown: Genesis vs. Razor

The electric scooter market is vast and constantly expanding. Environmental concerns paired with recent technological innovations have led to a renewed interest in electric powered transportation as an alternative to gas powered vehicles. 

Within the category of electric scooters are various styles and types of scooter models, covering everything from toys for kids to all-terrain vehicles to daily commuters designed for the road with slimmer wheels.

Combing through the hundreds of products sold by dozens of light electric vehicle companies can be an arduous and tiring task, especially if you are unfamiliar with the space and are approaching the electric scooter market as a blank slate without any prior information.

To assist you in your search for your dream electric scooter we’ve provided an analytical comparison of Genesis electric scooters against Razor electric scooters – another player in the electric scooter game.

Razor offers a suite of different electric scooter models. While most of their models – E90, E100, E200, E300, and Power Core series – are designed and marketed to younger riders (ages 8+ - 13+), the EcoSmart Metro is intended for those who are a bit older and as such is more comparable to Genesis’ electric scooter models.

For the purposes of this article, we will focus solely on the EcoSmart Metro scooter in our comparison. 

Genesis Electric Scooters vs. Razor EcoSmart Metro

Charge Time

Given the daily charge that all electric scooters require, a major factor to consider when shopping for your LEV is how long it takes to charge the vehicle from empty to full.

The charge times for the three Genesis electric scooter models are as follows:

  • Hornet – 2 hours
  • Ranger – 2.5 hours
  • Intrepid – 5.5 hours

The Razor EcoSmart, in contrast to Genesis’ rather quick charge times, requires up to 12 hours to achieve a full charge! 

What that means for you the consumer is that you need to schedule a full 12 hours to charge your vehicle each evening to ensure that you can use your scooter to get around the next day.


Moving fast is a big part of what makes electric scooters such a blast to ride! So you will definitely want to check out the max speeds of any LEV before you decide to purchase.

This is especially important if you plan to use your scooter on existing bicycle infrastructure in your community. For instance, if your vehicle only goes 10 mph, you will soon become an object of scorn for all of those serious cyclists in spandex who are forced to slow down behind you as you putter along.

The max speeds for Genesis and the EcoSmart are listed below:

  • Genesis (All Models) – 20 mph
  • Razor EcoSmart – 18 mph

Range Per Charge

Perhaps the most important product specification to consider when buying an electric scooter is the range per charge. In short, range per charge is how far a scooter can travel over one battery’s lifespan. 

If a scooter has a low range per charge, you will be limited in where your scooter can take you. For instance, if your work is 15 miles from your house, but your scooter has a range per charge of 10 miles, than you will be stuck in the street 5 miles from work with a hunk of metal that can’t take you anywhere.

All three Genesis models have a range per charge of 20 miles, whereas the Razor EcoSmart has a mere 7-10 mile range per charge, i.e., about 40 minutes of travel time.

Product Weight

Many people use electric scooters as their daily commuting vehicle. A great part about Genesis’ scooter models is that they are lightweight and can be folded into an easy to carry size. This allows you take your scooter into your office or apartment after riding. Not being able to do this can be a major inconvenience given that most electric scooters are not waterproof and should not be left outside in the rain. Genesis scooters are an exception to this rule and possess a waterproof exterior. 

Genesis scooters range from 20 – 36 lbs (depending on model). The Razor EcoSmart weighs 67 lbs. The EcoSmart is also much larger in dimensions than Genesis’ models.

Exposed Motor 

One last small point to consider when shopping for an electric scooter is whether or not the motor is exposed. The Razor EcoSmart scooter contains an external motor that if exposed to water can be damaged. The exposed motor will also grow hot after use and poses the threat of burning your skin if you make contact with it after riding.

All Genesis scooters have concealed motors for your protection. Now, weigh your options…which electric scooter are you going to buy?


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