Electric Scooters are this Year’s Hot Gift

The holiday season is once again approaching, and as the days get darker and the temperature starts to cool, you might be starting to look at which gifts will mean the most to those you love. It can be hard to choose; after all, you want your gifts to provide as much value as possible to those you cherish.

An electric scooter is more than a just a present, it’s an investment in their future. Genesis electric scooters are built to last and made for serious commuters as an alternative to motor vehicles and other fossil fueled forms of transportation.

Whether you’re shopping for an adult who needs a better way to get to work, a college student that’s looking for a fast way to get around campus, or a child who wants a fun way to get some exercise, a Genesis scooter is an excellent option for all ages. Of course, there are countless benefits, but here are a few reasons why a Genesis electric scooter is this year’s hot gift.

6 Reasons Electric Scooters is this Year’s Hot Gift

Save Them Some Serious Cash

Using a car as a primary source of transportation can get expensive. The rising costs of fuel prices and parking fees has motivated a lot of city dwellers to ditch their gas guzzlers and opt for a better alternative. Electric scooters are on the rise in places like San Francisco and New York, and for good reason. Just look at the different ways a person can save money when they drop their dependency on motor vehicles and no longer worry about:

  • Car Payments
  • Insurance
  • Mechanic Bills
  • Registration and Inspection
  • Gas
  • Parking Fees and Permits

That adds up to a large chunk of change. Even if your loved one keeps their car for long trips and chooses to use their new Genesis scooter for short adventures around town, they’ll still potentially save hundreds of dollars a year in unnecessary expenses.

Great Exercise

We sit around a lot more in today’s world than in the past. It isn’t uncommon to find people who sit in traffic on the way to work, then again for an 8-hour workday, and sit some more at home while watching TV afterwards.

Using an electric scooter for your commute is an excellent way to sneak in quality exercise while having a lot of fun. Rather than gifting a gym membership they won’t ever use, get them a Genesis electric scooter. They’ll quickly feel energized and be in great shape.

Lower their Carbon Footprint

If you have an eco-conscious family member who is always talking about saving the planet, then an electric scooter is a perfect present. They will be excited to finally have a way to run errands or commute to work or school, without releasing a ton of carbon into the atmosphere. While many people want to be greener, electric cars are expensive. Getting them a Genesis electric scooter is an affordable and fun way for them to make the changes they want right now.

They Can Carry Their Ride

Having a reliable way to get around is important, but no one wants to worry about parking their bike or scooter on the curb when it’s time to go inside. All Genesis electric scooter models fold conveniently for easy travel.

There’s no need for them to search for a safe place to put their scooter or worry about someone taking it. They can easily carry it with them. It folds quickly into a compact space, perfect for sliding under a bus seat, desk or inside a travel bag.

See the Sights

It can be hard to stop and smell the roses when you’re driving around the city in a car. Having an electric scooter means hitting the pavement while basking in the sunshine.

They will have an amazing time traveling around, feeling the breeze and taking in the scenery. While everyone else is stuck in traffic, they’ll be gliding down the sidewalk, easily going in and out of shops, restaurants and buildings without worry.

The Best Value

One of the biggest benefits of getting an electric scooter from Genesis is that they are a fraction of the cost of other premium models. Genesis wants lightweight electric vehicles to be accessible for everyone, and though they may come packed with the best features on the market, they are all affordably priced.

Rather than costing thousands of dollars like many other comparable vehicles, Genesis electric scooters start at only $399. With three models to choose from, you’re sure to find the one that’s perfect for your loved one. You might save so much money, you’ll decide to get one for yourself!

Genesis offers top quality electric vehicles at prices that fit your holiday budget. If you want to buy them a gift that is a true investment in their future, a foldable Genesis electric scooter is a good choice. The Intrepid electric scooter from Genesis offers some incredible features such as a sleek, modern design, lightweight body, headlights and LED display. They’ll go faster and farther, traveling 20 miles an hour with a range of up to 20 miles on a single charge. Invest in a Genesis electric scooter today and give them a gift that will last.







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