Electric Skateboard Battery: How to Get the Most Range

Electric Skateboard Battery: How to Get the Most Range

If you use an electric skateboard to commute to school or the office, then you know that one of the biggest concerns is battery life. Your electric skateboard battery determines how far you’ll go on a single charge, something that can be incredibly important during a long commute. The last thing you want to worry about while riding your electric skateboard is getting stuck with too short of a range. After all, if you were going to have to get from point A to B manually, doing so without a twenty-pound dead weight seems like a much better idea. So, how can you get the most range out of your electric skateboard battery without adding an additional power pack or limiting yourself to short rides? Some of these tips may be obvious, but working together, they ensure that you’ll be able to add a few more miles to your electric skateboard range.


Electric Skateboard Battery Efficiency Tips


It might sound incredibly obvious, but the first step to a longer lasting electric skateboard battery is ensuring that it’s fully charged. Too often, riders get anxious about getting back out on the road, and they don’t wait the required 2.5 hours for a full charge. If you have to, set a timer for two hours and thirty minutes every time you plug in your Tomahawk. This way you can ensure that you have a full battery every time you ride.


Ride Smoothly

The faster you accelerate and the harder you brake, the more battery you will eat. Acceleration, in particular, burns battery life—just like slamming down on the pedal in a car burns gas. Unless you’re in a hurry, take off slower and gradually decrease your speed on the skateboard before you brake. The key is maintaining your momentum and using that to take you as far as you can.


Free Wheel Often

An electric skateboard is still a skateboard. This means you can “free wheel” and use the board as it was originally designed before the battery pack. Take advantage of the downhill portions of your commute by tucking your body to decrease wind resistance. This will help you use your momentum and weight to roll further without additional battery strain. Keep up your speed on straightaways by pumping and carving. This means leaning forward and backward while pushing off the board in an up and down motion—how you used to power a skateboard. This helps you maintain speed.


Ride Smart

Uphill stretches and acceleration (as we talked about earlier) are going to be the biggest drain on your electric skateboard battery. This is when you can offer the biggest help. To make it up a steep hill, consider pushing off the ground with one foot to help keep the forward momentum—it’s a similar concept to pedaling your electric bike on a hill. And when starting from a dead stop, use the push-off technique to help you get up to speed. By adding your own inertia to sections that could be tough on the battery, you’ll save its life and range.


Slow It Down

Yes, our Tomahawk can reach speeds of 20 miles per hour. However, if you have a longer commute and want to save your battery life, those top speeds should be avoided. At top speeds, wind resistance increases, which can really drain your electric skateboard’s battery energy. Higher speeds also place more strain on the motor and battery by creating heat build up, which wastes amp hours.


Pick Your Route

You might think there’s only one way to get to your destination, but there are often countless different directions you can take. Choosing the right terrain can extend your battery life tremendously. For example, if you have a hill right outside your front door, choose to go downhill first, even if that takes you a quarter mile out of the way. Avoiding a hill will save you more battery than a longer commute. A simpler route can also help you avoid shifting gears and speeds. The steadier you can keep your speed—the fewer stop lights you have to brake at, the fewer turns and hills—the more efficiently you’ll be able to ride.


The Quality of Your Motor

As we explained in our earlier blog about Hub Motors, they offer a far more efficient use of your battery. A hub motor allows you to kick push, which saves battery juice. They also offer less drag and better braking for more efficient skateboarding. The higher the quality of your motor, the longer your battery will last. This even includes adding less weight to your skateboard, so it has to work less to move. There really is no one secret to increasing the life of your electric skateboard battery. But, by following all of our tips, you should easily be able to make your Tomahawk last 20 miles per charge, and potentially even more!



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