Which Electric Skateboard is Better? Genesis vs Yuneec

Electric skateboards are one of the best ways to get from one place to another. When you choose an electric board, you’re not only helping your wallet, but you’re helping the planet as well.

For many modern consumers, choosing an electric skateboard is a no brainer. The hard part comes after the decision to go electric is made. Advancements in technology has allowed for a great amount of competition in the market to spring up. While this can be a good thing, it is also a little confusing and can make it difficult to decide which skateboard is the best to buy.

We’ve done some of the hard work for you, and laid out a few of the differences between the Genesis electric skateboard and the Yuneec e-go. Hopefully, being more knowledgeable about the different features of both boards will help make the choice easier. While purchasing an electric skateboard is far less expensive than a new car, it is still an investment, and it’s important that you get the board that’s best for your lifestyle and your budget.

Charge Time

Genesis Hellfire: 2.5 Hours

Yuneec e-go: 4 Hours

When you’re plugging in your skateboard overnight at home, the length of time it takes to charge may not be a big deal. However, once you take your new electric skateboard out on the road, it quickly becomes very important. No one wants to spend the entire afternoon plugged into an outlet at a coffee shop, waiting for your board to get a full charge. The Yuneec takes 4 hours to completely charge, which may become an inconvenience. In contrast, the Genesis Hellfire can go from zero to full in about 2.5 hours, almost half the time.

Max Load

Genesis Hellfire: 264 lbs.

Yuneec e-go: 220 lbs.

Another important spec is the maximum weight load the board can handle. The higher the weight limit, the better, because this will affect the amount of speed the board has while traveling. If you are at the upper end of the limit, then your board will most likely lose speed. The Genesis Hellfire has a weight capacity of 264 pounds, a full 44 pounds more than the Yuneec!


Genesis Hellfire: $499

Yuneec e-go: $699

One of the best benefits of using an electric skateboard is that you can have a reliable form of transportation for less than the cost of one or two car payments. Still, when deciding which board to choose, it’s important that you get the most amount of value from your investment.

The Yuneec e-go is available on their website for $699. The Genesis Hellfire costs $499, a $200 difference. That’s enough for an entire year of Netflix and a nice night on the town with your new Genesis skateboard.

Top Speed

Genesis Hellfire: 20 mph

Yuneec e-go: 12.5 mph

If you’re using your electric skateboard for your daily commute to and from the office or class, getting there on time is important.

The congested streets of major US cities are making it increasingly difficult to reach higher speeds during peak hours. According to an article published by Scientific American, some streets in America go so slow that it’s faster to walk.

For example, in Austin, TX traffic sometimes moves at a whopping 6 miles per hour. So imagine what it will feel like to go whizzing by all those poor car drivers while they inch forward towards their next appointment.

The Yuneec e-go when in rabbit mode can reach speeds of 12.5 miles per hour. The Genesis Hellfire goes even faster at an unbelievable 20 miles per hour, which means you’ll be back in the office or sitting in your next lecture in no time.


Genesis Hellfire: 20 miles

Yuneec e-go: 15 miles

Before you leave the house on your new electric skateboard, knowing that you can make it to your destination is essential. Nobody wants to hop on her board and find out that the battery is going to die ten miles before they arrive.

While the Yuneec e-go will get you 15 miles down the road, the Genesis Hellfire will get you farther. The Genesis electric skateboard will take you an average of 20 miles on a single charge!

Hill Grade

Genesis Hellfire: 15 degrees

Yuneec e-go: 10 degrees

As anyone who has ridden a skateboard in San Francisco can attest, the ability to cruise uphill is a miracle that never would have occurred without the invention of the electric skateboard.

The fact that a skater can get on a board and easily coast up a steep hill is a great feeling. Not to mention, if you happen to live in a city with lots of hills, you shouldn’t have to go out of your way to avoid going over inclines. The Genesis Hellfire is made for uneven terrain. It has a 15-degree hill grade, which means you’ll have an easier time getting where you need to be without the hassles that a less equipped board will bring.

As you can see, while the Yuneec e-go skateboard may have some great features, the Genesis Hellfire has more of what you need for a lot less cash. If you’re ready to go faster and longer without breaking your budget, the Genesis Hellfire is a great buy.



michael mcgriff

are the skateboards hard to ride or you have a manual that you will ship with it that explains how to.


Hey I weigh about 300 lbs, I understand the more.weight less speed, but sturdy wise think it will hold up and not snap?

Ride Genesis

Hey Chris – our weight limit for the board is 264lbs!


What’s the weight limit for the Genesis Hellfire

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