From Boards to Bikes, 5 Easy Tips to Maintain your Genesis Ride

As with all skateboards, bikes, and scooters, whatever you ride requires a little bit of maintenance to keep everything fun and running smoothly. We've compiled a list of five tips to keep your stoke going!

1. Tire Pressure. This is a big one. It's easy to assume that once you receive your scooter or bike that you never have to think about your tires again. Actually, as with all vehicles, riding on an under-inflated tire can be potentially damaging and slow you down. For example, you'd inflate a low tire on your car, right? Under-inflated car tires can lower gas mileage by about 0.2% for every 1 psi drop in the average pressure of all tires, and further, can lead to tread separation after an extended time. No bueno. We want to keep you going and get the most out of your ride.

So what can you do to avoid a problem? Easy! Once a week or so for regular riders, check your tire pressure. The sidewall of your tires lists what the specific tire pressure or acceptable range is for your ride. Don't have a gauge? If in doubt, put a little air in there to combat any leakage.

2. Quick Release Mechanisms. As with tire pressure, your quick release mechanisms don't maintain themselves. You're riding on streets, over speed bumps, in potholes, maybe even fighting crime (Skateman, is that you?!), so things can move around a bit. If you find that, for example, the lever on the handlebar adjustment of your scooter is loose and things aren't staying put, you need to tighten it. On the other side of the lever, there is an adjustment bolt or knob.

The best way we've found to tighten this is to take the lever halfway through it's path of travel and tighten the knob we mentioned by hand until the desired effect. Then, snap the leaver the rest of the path of travel; that should be the perfect amount. You know you've found the sweet spot when it snaps hard and tight with a little effort; if you need your entire body weight to do or it won't snap at all it may be a tad too tight.

3. Checking Nuts and Bolts. Going on from Tip #2, with use and normal wear and tear things tend to loosen up. This is especially true for skateboards. From your kingpin popping out to your wheels being too loose this is an easy fix. Once a week or more check all the nuts and bolts with a skate key from your local shop. Also, depending on what type of riding you want to do on a specific day, tightening and loosening your trucks can much improve your experience.

4. Properly Charging your Battery. This is where we get the most questions. When your battery is all plugged in to charge, charge the battery until the light turns blue or green and then unplug the battery. Leaving the battery on charge for 5 or 6 hours after it has fully charged can severely damage the battery and motherboard, thus making it not work up to its full potential.

Also good to note: The charger when plugged into the wall but not the battery will have an indicator light of blue/green. A good battery and good motherboard, when empty and plugged into the charger will turn the blue/green light to red until it's charged. If the empty battery does NOT change the indicator light to red, then there is a problem with the battery or motherboard. To see how to properly charge your battery, we've put together a little video for you:

5. Remote. You're riding, have an awesome day, cruising your neighborhood and suddenly the remote or board cuts out and doesn't seem to function. In this case it's most likely not your board. Is your remote properly synced? Double check that. Ask us for a new remote first before assuming there is a problem with your ride. Make sure if you get a replacement remote that it, too, is properly synced. For help with syncing your remote, here is a video!

If the problem persists with the new remote, it may well be an issue with the onboard controller. In that case, please contact us so we can help you out.

Hope this post helps make your ride better! Have an epic day!!!!



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