5 Reasons a Hoverboard Cart Makes for a Great Christmas Gift

Ever since hoverboards first hit the market in 2015 they’ve been flying off the shelves in record numbers. The industry has even successfully recovered from a battery manufacturing error, which caused a few boards to catch fire. Since the scandal occurred, new regulations have been put in place requiring every hoverboard sold to receive UL certifications. UL is an independent consumer safety organization that tests all hoverboards to ensure that they are fire proof and safe for consumer use. All Genesis hoverboards are UL certified.

While hoverboards are incredibly fun and popular, they are not everyone’s idea of a perfect ride. Hoverboards can be difficult to ride for some people and not everyone prefers to stand while getting around town.

That is why we at Genesis created the Rover Hoverboard Cart Attachment. The Rover is an easy-to-attach seated cart that expands the value of your hoverboard by allowing you to sit down and control your speed and braking via handlebars on the side of the attachment. It consists of a seat, two handlebars, a footrest, and a wheel positioned beneath the footrest.

The Genesis Rover makes for a great Christmas gift for anyone who owns a hoverboard and would prefer to sit down while cruising.

Why the Hoverboard Cart Makes for a Great Christmas Gift 

Don’t Need to Balance

Riding a hoverboard requires a certain level of athleticism. If you or your loved one is not the best at keeping balance on moving objects, then a hoverboard might prove to be a source of frustration instead of the source of fun and joy that it should be.

The great thing about the Rover Hoverboard Cart Attachment is that anyone can enjoy it, regardless of athletic ability. As long as you have a bottom, you can plop yourself down into the seat and control your travels by handlebar.

By sitting down instead of standing, you’ll be able to place your possessions in your lap and zip around town without having to worry about keeping your balance.

Better for Younger Ages

Just as hoverboards can be difficult to ride for those who struggle with balance, they can also be difficult for youngsters whose legs and feet may be too small to adequately control the hoverboard. 

The Rover Attachement is perfect for younger riders because it basically transforms a hoverboard into an easy to ride go-kart. And who doesn’t love riding a go-kart?!

By adding the Rover Attachment to your hoverboard, younger riders will be able to sit down and enjoy the speed and thrill of a hoverboard. 

It’s perfect for getting around the neighborhood or going to and from school!

Won’t Fall 

Anyone who’s learned to ride a hoverboard has fallen once or twice. It’s part of the learning process. And while riding a hoverboard is easy to learn and totally fun, the risk of falling is always there.

If you happen to hit a bump in the sidewalk or lose your balance or get distracted, you could slip off your board and take a tumble.

But with the Rover Hoverboard Attachment Cart, falling becomes a thing of the past! Because of the seated position that the Rover allows the rider to take, you will never again risk falling off your hoverboard and looking silly in front of your friends.

Ride on Rougher Surfaces

While hoverboards are an incredibly convenient way to commute around cities or small towns, they are not the best at traveling over rougher terrains such as dirt, rock, and grass, etc.

It’s not that hoverboards can’t traverse these terrains. They certainly can. The Genesis Gemini Hoverboard is powerful enough to move across any number of terrains. It’s just that doing so will be a bumpy ride and make it difficult for the rider to keep balance. 

By attaching the Rover Cart, you will open up the dirt and grass pathways for your hoverboard to conquer. Because of the seated position that the cart offers, you will never have to fear a bumpy ride knocking you off your board ever again! You or your loved one will be able to ride atop any surface that the wheels can grip.

You Get to Control with Your Hands 

Riding a hoverboard can be tiring on your calves and feet. By opting to use the Rover Attachment, all of the strain is removed from legs. The only thing you’ll have to do with your feet is kick them back and relax. 

All of the power to control speed and braking rests in your hands. The two handlebars on the sides of the Rover Cart give you the ability to completely control your ride while seated, freeing your legs from the work that riding a hoverboard while standing entails.

Now that you’ve learned about the Rover Hoverboard Cart Attachment and all that it can offer you, it’s time to sit down and get cruising. 




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