The Perfect Day For A Ride

New York is known for a lot of things: the best pizza, a thriving art and theatre scene, the iconic skyline, and of course—terrible weather.

Fluctuating between unfairly cold and senselessly hot are a few measly weeks of actually acceptable temperatures in this city, which doesn’t even take into account the far-too-frequent rainy days.

So picture this, it’s an actual perfect sunny day in New York and you’re stuck in the office just hoping to leave: you contemplate pulling the fire alarm or fake a sudden illness, but then remember you work for an electric vehicle company and the solution to escape is right front of you.

Our company, Genesis, manufactures electric skateboards, bicycles, and scooters. I only just started my internship here, and hadn’t had the chance to test any of our products yet, which I thought might make a pretty strong case to get out of the office for a bit. I’ve read so many reviews where customers described the thrill of cruising down the street at 20 mph and no way was I going to spend the rest of the day moving at my current pace.

I stared out the window in envy of the bustling crowd below and my boss could easily
 sense that my anxiety to get outside was taking hold. Before I could bring myself to propose my offer, he proclaimed to the room, “Genesis is built on the principles
 of adventure and having fun with your friends; that being said, Baylor I think you and Mirada and Robbie should go explore the city and take your vehicle of choice; but 
remember, you’re still on the clock.” We were a little taken-aback, but as soon as we processed this, my cowers and I immediately scrambled to find our ride. Robbie grabbed the closest Tomahawk to him, while I picked up the Hellfire, and Miranda chose the Hornet electric scooter.

After a brief training session riding up and down the office hallways, we were finally ready to embark on our Genesis adventure. We discussed where we wanted to go, what we wanted to see, and what route we should take, though Robbie just wanted to ride around to see what happens. Each of our vehicles was fully charged (with a battery life that can last 20 miles) so our destination possibilities were nearly endless, so we were off to “see what happens.”

As we walked outside and hopped on our boards (and scooter), the real world training commenced. After a few horn honks and several close calls, we were on our way! The sun beamed down on us as we made our way down 7th Ave (Fashion Ave) through the crowds of people going in and out of Macy’s. We zipped past regular skateboarders and bikes and were keeping up with the string of taxis headed towards the riverfront. I distinctly remember the look on this guy’s face riding a bike who couldn’t figure out how on earth we were going faster than him.

We headed west towards the Hudson River bike path, and to my surprise, I never had a problem going over any of the loose gravel, potholes, and overall rough terrain New York streets are known for, which has totally been trouble for me before on a regular skateboard.

In no time, we were looking out at the Hudson and cruising along the bike path heading toward the Chelsea piers. We finally had a smooth surface without cars cutting us off and pedestrians walking in front of us. It was such a rush to pass everyone in sight as we sped along the greenway. We finally had some space to ourselves, which is pretty much unheard of in New York. As I looked out ahead, all I saw was the open path and the skyline breaking up the horizon in front of me. A helicopter preparing for takeoff sent mist in the air from the Hudson and the wind in my face felt amazing on this balmy day

Despite how much fun I was having, Miranda reminded us that we were still “on the clock,” so we decided to start heading back. Even though we were only out a little over an hour, I definitely felt recharged from this little midday adventure.

Though this was my first trip on a Genesis board, I’m definitely looking forward to future impromptu travels, grabbing lunch in other Manhattan neighborhoods, or even running errands way more quickly than I normally could without having to deal with train transfers or cab fares.

Do you have an adventure you’d like to share with us? We want to know where you take your Genesis. Tag us on Instagram and Twitter and use the hashtag #RideGenesis for a chance to be featured.



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