Stinger Demo Day!!

You read it right!

We are super stoked to have a demo day for the Stinger tomorrow, 4/1, from 12-5PM, hosted by The Bike Truck in downtown Brooklyn!!

Come try THE FIRST standard size electric skateboard in the US, the Genesis Stinger! This Saturday at The Bike Truck in downtown Brooklyn, FREE pizza and PBR, no foolin'!! 12-5, be there or be square.

We will have:

*Free Pizza!

*Free Beer! [21+]

*Rad DJ!


1PM-Pizza Party

2PM-DJ Matzo Ball (Sarabeth, lead singer of the awesome band TOWER), and a game of SKATE with little prizes!

20 MPH (faster with our secret hack), no lag, zippy and super fun! Check out more info about the board here:

The Stinger Electric Skateboard uses the latest in electric skateboard technology. The Stinger's skateboard deck is durable, using quality Canadian Maple Wood. Its innovative rechargeable remote control allows you to control the board's every move with the touch of a button.

The Stinger board reaches speeds of 20 mph, and its long lasting rechargeable battery enables it to reach distances of up to 20 miles.

And view a video of Josh Katz kickin' flips and taking names here

So come one, come all, bring your buds, hangout and munch on some pizza. RSVP here!

See you tomorrow!



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