The Long-Term Benefits of Riding an Electric Bike

The Long-Term Benefits of Riding an Electric Bike

Regardless of biking skill or e-bike familiarity, many people continue to turn to the electric bicycle as a basic form of transportation. The motor assistance of an electric bike puts the rider in charge of their ride. E-Bikes allow the rider to decide how much to pedal and how physically challenging the ride will be. These features make for a convenient and fun ride for everyone and anyone who is interested in riding. In addition to being enjoyable, there are many benefits that the electric bike contributes to a person’s lifestyle. Below are our main reasons for choosing electric.
Effortless Commute
Ditch the traffic, open up the alleys and the avenues and say goodbye forever to gridlock. Whether you are commuting to and from work, school or simply running an errand, there is nothing worse than traffic or public transportation. With an e-bike you take control of your commute, and exert little force to get to where you want to go. With the power of the motor, hills are a breeze and distances are extremely manageable. Plus, some electric bikes, like our Metro XT, are foldable and can be easily carried up stairs, and stored under a desk at work- the PERFECT commuting bike.
Healthy Lifestyle
Introducing an electric bike into everyday use will transform a daily commute into an opportunity for physical activity. Whether or not the e-bike is ridden with a significant amount of motor assistance, the time spent riding is guaranteed time away from the usual daily workday. Electric bikes give riders control over how much they exert themselves. This can be particularly helpful to riders who would like to become more active, but who may need to ease into increased physical activity. Electric Bikes also serve as an excellent tool to help riders lose weight, as they can go for longer, more changeling rides confidently, knowing they have a motor for help and support when needed.
Money Saver
The use of an electric bike replaces and reduces the use of cars on a daily basis. By doing so,money is saved on gas, as well as daily car related fees such as tolls and parking.  Using an electric bike also minimizes the use of public transportation and the cost of fares for riding. Overall, charging the battery for the e-bike proves to be cheaper than filling a car with gas, or taking public transportation. An electric bike takes you much further for less money than any other form of transportation.
Good for the Environment
Electric bikes require no gasoline or oil. It radiates no pollution, and only requires a small amount of electricity to recharge the battery. Electric bikes are the perfect option for environmentally conscious and eco-friendly travelers. Research has shown that electric bikes have also proven to be more climate friendly, and are an important mode of transportation to up and coming sustainable cities and communities.



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