Tips and tricks for an effortless commute with your E-bike

Ditch the car- use an electric bike to commute instead!

Tips and tricks for an effortless commute with your E-bike

Whether you are commuting to and from work, to school or simply running an errand, there is nothing worse than dead stop traffic, lights, or crowded public transportation. With an e-bike you take control of your commute and have complete freedom of the road.  However, commuting with a bike could be a little nerve racking for those who have not done so before.  Therefore, we decided to address some of the major concerns and offer our top tips and tricks for an effortless electric bike commuter experience.


Choose the Right Bike

This may seem to be an obvious point, but it is extremely important to consider when making an electric bike selection. Take into account how far your commute is and the type of roads you will be taking in order to reach your destination. Understand the type of motor, and the different modes available on the bike. Selecting a bike that’s specs are compatible with the specific route you plan to ride daily, will make the hills are a breeze and distance extremely manageable.

Another thing to consider, is where you plan to park the bike when you arrive to your location. Ensure that if you are bringing your bike to work or school, there is a safe place to chain the bike to or store in the building throughout the day. We highly recommend looking into electric bikes that are foldable, like our iBike Metro XT. The Metro XT can comfortably carry riders up to 6ft tall when unfolded, and when folded it can easily be carried up stairs and stored under a desk at work or school.


Choose the Best Route

Plan, plan, plan. Our biggest recommendation is to plan your route prior to your commute. One awesome tool to do so is through the bike route selection on Google Maps. This will help navigate a route that is easy and safe, based on feedback from previous users about the roads. You also have the option to drag the route around streets you would possibly want to avoid. Consider recreational paths, rather than the busy streets. Consider cutting through parks and trails, even if it makes your route longer, as you may find it to be a quicker ride and a less stress/ more peaceful ride.

Consider the amount of time needed for the ride. Possibly take a test ride on a day where you do not have work or school, and properly time the commute. Using an electric bike to commute is the perfect way to catch some extra sleep in the morning, so take advantage and make sure the route is as short and effortless as you planned.


Choose Comfortability

One of the most frequently asked questions, that most people are afraid to ask, is the sweat factor. It is inevitable, riding a bike, electric or not, you must exert at least some energy. When you’re riding in to work, pedal lightly and let the motor do the work for you. One of the advantages of an electric bike is the pedal assist system will kick in and so majority of the work for you, therefore there is no need to sweat greatly. Pedal lightly, and dress in a way that keeps you cool. However, on the way home you can kick it up a notch, and get that cardio in for the day!

When it comes to what to wear while riding, understand that although you are not pedaling hard, the bike can still reach about 20 mph, so take into account the extra wind you will feel while riding. To avoid too much warmth, resulting in sweat, remember to not over dress. We recommend wearing layers, giving the option to remove or add articles of clothing as needed.


We hope these tips and tricks will aid in the effortless, easy, stress free commute everyone wishes for!



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