Ultimate LEV Accessory Guide For Riding In Style

Light electric vehicles (LEVs) are here to stay, and with more affordable LEV options available than ever before, you can use all the cash you saved shopping with Genesis to add some extra pizzazz to your light electric vehicle. 

Customizing your electric skateboard or electric bicycle allows you to show off your personality and demonstrate your creativity. The options for accessories range the gamut from stylish to safety-related.

What accessory is calling your name?

Must-Have LEV Accessories 

Bells and Horns

Purchasing a bell or horn for your e-bike or e-scooter is a must. Navigating the urban sprawl is difficult enough without being able to communicate to other vehicles in case of an impending accident. A bell or horn will allow you to notify other drivers of your location and prevent unwanted collisions.

When it comes to safety you never want to cut corners. A bell or horn is a necessity.

Reflectors and Taillights

Whether you’re cruising around on an electric skateboard or an electric bike, being visible is of extreme importance, especially after sundown. Even if you are dressed in bright colors you can be difficult for driver’s to see. 

Many of the Genesis products have these features which is a great way to display your aesthetic preferences but if you’re looking for a change, there are some pretty cool light options available that will be sure to draw eyes.


What better way to express your self than an awesome and unique pair of kicks? Skateboarding especially has long been a sport that appreciates cool shoes. There are dozens of skateboard shoe companies selling awesome products in every color you can imagine. 


Gloves are a must for any downhill speedster. Gloves serve the dual functions of protecting your hands and helping you keep grip. For electric bikes and scooters gloves will protect your hands from winds and gravel that may spit up and hit your knuckles while riding on the street. They will also protect the fingers of longboarders taking sharp turns on the road.


Helmets are one accessory that you cannot do without. Not only do helmets prevent head injuries, but they can be super cool too! Helmets today come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, so there is definitely a perfect helmet out there for you.

While you may be in complete control riding your electric bike or skateboard, other drivers and pedestrians may not be. Protect yourself. Wear a helmet.

E-bike Basket

Carrying bags of groceries while riding a bike or scooter is not a good idea. In fact, it’s a downright bad idea. Having a basket on your e-bike will save you the trouble of having to backtrack and pick up all your spilt veggies from across the road.

Baskets are a commuter’s dream. Why weigh yourself down with a backpack when you can place everything securely in a basket on your bike?

Seats and Seat Pads

A seat upgrade is most riders’ first upgrade. As anyone who rides a bicycle can attest, there is always a more comfortable seat… By adding a new seat that better matches your liking (softer, harder, smaller, larger, etc.) you will drastically increase your enjoyment while riding.

Whereas seats are more pragmatic, seat pads or covers are all aesthetics. The pad or cover gives you a chance to show the world a little bit of your personality. Seat covers are printed with pictures of everything from the Mona Lisa to the Beatles! 


Just as in driving, mirrors are crucial with electric bikes and electric scooters. E-bikes and scooters move pretty darn fast and it’s imperative that you maintain visual awareness of your surroundings while cruising the streets. This is made a lot easier if you have a pair of mirrors to aid you.

Save your neck the ache and add a pair of mirrors to your ride.

Phone Holder

Texting while driving anything is dangerous, and that includes electric scooters, electric bicycles, skateboards, and hoverboards. Spare yourself the bruised knees that come from riding distracted and do not text. 

If you’d like to speak on your phone while riding, get yourself a Bluetooth and a phone holder. The phone holder is crucial for using a GPS too. Don’t attempt to hold your phone in one hand, follow directions, and drive at the same time. Make use of a phone holder and ride safe. 


Speedometers are great tools that keep you informed of your speed as you ride. Not only will they help you stay at a safe speed and better manage turns, but they look pretty darn awesome on an e-bike as well.



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