Genesis, Transport Yourself into the Future

Beyond the junk yard heaps and crumbling infrastructure of rust belt relics a new dawn rises. Imagine a world without traffic; where gridlock, clouds of automobile emissions, and hours spent circling the block for parking are nothing more than stories of the past told to children.  This is not the world of a science fiction novel. This is the world of Genesis.

Genesis’ suite of groundbreaking electric transportation options offers you a chance to join the green movement and be part of a cleaner future where traveling from point A to point B doesn’t come with an environmental price tag.  

Why lag behind in the era of the highway standstill, staring out your window in boredom? Genesis offers you an alternative solution, one where you can soar across the road unimpeded while having more fun than you ever imagined.

Genesis is a leader of electric technology and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of personal electric mobility. Based in New York City, USA our products embody the spirit of the city and forward thinking.

However you prefer to travel, Genesis has the perfect ride for you.

Electronic Skateboards

Two People Riding Electric Skateboards

Prefer to live life on the edge? Then our electric skateboard is the ideal fit for you.  Operate your board via a wireless remote and reach speeds up to 20 mph. Our electric skateboards come in four different models and allow for deck interchangeability to meet your style and personal vision.

Charge up your skateboard overnight and glide to work each day with the wind in your hair and joy in your heart.

Electric Scooters 

Two People Riding Electric Scooters

While electric skateboards are a blast, some of you riders might prefer the stability of some handlebars. Available in three state-of-the-art models, the Genesis electric scooters are ideal for a relaxing cruise. Both lightweight and capable of carrying up to 240 lbs, this electric scooter is as durable as it is convenient.

All of our scooters feature an advanced LED screen where you can view the speedometer and track your miles. The electric scooters are also foldable and compact so you can take your ride inside with you after reaching your destination.


Person Carrying a Self Balancing Hoverboard

If you love to board and face the world head-on, then hoverboarding is right up your alley. Just in case you’ve been living under a rock this past year, hoverboarding is the latest hip trend in electric personal mobility with everybody from Justin Bieber to Jaime Fox hopping on for a ride.


3 People Riding Electric Bikes by Genesis

Pedaling is so passé. The Genesis electric bike can get you going up to speeds of 20mph when in full motor mode or 38 miles when in pedelec mode without breaking a sweat. These bikes are a commuter’s dream.  The bike’s dual mode functionality allows you pedal when you want or kick back and relax when hills get steep; and just like our electric scooters, the electric bicycle is lightweight and foldable for easy carrying.

Never again will you dread your daily grind into work. Join the electronic movement. Join the world of Genesis.



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