Why an Electric Skateboard is the Perfect Holiday Gift

Searching for the perfect holiday gift can be daunting. You have to worry about what a person might already have, what they like, and what they’d want. After you’ve done that and decided on the type of gift you’d like to get, you have to then consider product quality, what’s the best deal, is the warranty worth it, etc. etc.

In short, the entire process of shopping for someone else can be a major pain and source of stress. 

Good news for you is that you’ve stumbled upon the right article. You don’t have to worry about the shopping any longer – you’ve found your great gift!

Electric skateboards and other light electric vehicles, such as electric bikes, scooters, and hoverboards, have all blown up in popularity in recent years. This rabid growth is due to innovations in the technology and a worldwide push away from fossil fuel powered vehicles.

Many people in cities and small towns have made the change from driving a car to an alternative mode of electric transportation. The benefits are numerous and the joy they bring boundless. 

We’ve compiled a few reasons below detailing why a Genesis Electric Skateboard is the perfect holiday gift.

1. Great Gift for All Ages

You might be thinking, “Skateboarding is for kids.” Not anymore!

Most electric skateboards are longboards – meaning that the deck is shaped like a miniature surfboard and is not intended for extreme tricks or getting big air. It’s meant for smooth riding and speed. 

Electric skateboard riding is great for all ages. If you buy teen child an electric skateboard now, he or she could very well be riding it for decades. No one will grow bored riding an electric skateboard. They are just too much fun! Which brings us to our second point.

2. It’s Fun and Practical 

Electric skateboards are a blast to ride. What’s more fun than flying down the street with wind in your air, free and unrestrained, feeling the warmth of the sun on your back? Nothing! It’s absolutely the best.

But the benefits of electric skateboards don’t stop there. They’re about more than just fun. Electric skateboards are a viable alternative mode of transportation. 

3. Saves Money on Gas

Genesis electric skateboards all have a range per charge of 20 miles and a max speed of 20 miles. With power like that you’ll be able to zip around a city or small town with ease.

By transitioning from a gas-powered vehicle to a light electric vehicle, a person will save huge amounts of money on fuel.

Not to mention all of the parking tickets that will be avoided!

4. Good Exercise

Yes, we know, riding an electric skateboard isn’t as good of exercise as riding a powerless board, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not a great source of exercise. 

To maintain balance, a rider must keep their muscles tight and alert to sudden changes in the road. By keeping the knees bent and slightly crouched, your legs and core will get a great workout, even if you’re not pushing with your back leg.

Plus, the joys of just moving around outside are sure to get your endorphins boosting and improve your rider’s mood.

5. Most People Don’t have One

Another reason that electric skateboards make for a great gift is that most people don’t have one yet. While none of us are so shallow as to define our self by our possessions, it is nice to occasionally be the source of envy, and riding around on an electric skateboard at 20 mph is sure to turn some heads.

6. Never Goes out of Style 

Skateboards have been around since the sixties, and odds are that they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The skateboard has entered the realm of permanence along with the bicycle. It will always be part of the culture. 

What’s better than a gift that lasts forever? 

7. Great for the Earth! 

We know, we know, it’s not cool to give a gift that pushes some agenda… but you don’t have to tell the person that they’ll be doing a good thing by riding an electric skateboard. You can keep that part to yourself.



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